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Saturday, January 08, 2005 

UKIP in shambles after Cabal’s contrived catastrophes continue

One third of the NEC are now reported to be ‘seething’ as further details of the entrapment attempt with a hoax e-mail emerge. Apart from discrediting the already widely accepted as incompetent party Press Officer, the targeted NEC members who would never dream of passing on one word of what occurs in that body are now said to be furious at suggestions they might!

Elsewhere the indolence of Knapman and Farage becomes increasingly clear, as it appears no effort was made by the ruling cabal to submit evidence to the BBC enquiry into allegations regarding their broadcasting bias on the subject of the EU. A submission was apparently finally made by longstanding NEC member Tony Scholefield when it became clear that without his intervention UKIP would remain officially silent on this hugely important issue.

Knapman’s statement on the EU Referendum being an In/Out question on the radio earlier this week, apparently without the authorisation of the NEC, is yet one more reason why many party members, some quite reluctantly we surprisingly understand, are now demanding that Knapman stands down.

posted by Martin |11:38 AM
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