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Friday, January 28, 2005 

UKIP Branch Resignations

Some typical exchanges now being copied to the Blog are the following:


Dear Grenville,

As you know Robert Kilroy-Silk is not now a member of UKIP.

Party support, in effect was withdrawn from him when he resigned the whip in the EuropeanParliament. Now that withdrawal of support is absolute and complete andParty members should have nothing to do with him.However, I know that you support Robert very strongly and that other members in your branch, and elswhere. know of this. This is totally unacceptable, especially as you are, yourself an officer of some standing, and you should resign from the Party immediately.

Indeed, I shall consider you to have resigned unless I hear from you within7 days of your receipt of this letter
The recipient then sent the following information to Geoffrey Kingscott UKIP Regional Organiser on the 25th January 05:

Re: UK Independence Party BROXTOWE constituency association.

Dear Geoffrey,

From the date of this letter I know longer wish to be associated with the UKIndependence Party in any way shape or form whilst it is under the presentleadership and you are Regional Organiser.Please NoteThere is NO money and or bank account. All money to keep the BROXTOWE UKIndepndence Party constituency association ticking over came out of mypocket.



Copies of the above letter were sent to Birmingham H.Q. for the attention ofDavid Lott, Tony Stone and Patrina Holdworth


From another ex-UKIP brnach comes this:

Latest from Geoff Kingscott (East Midlands Organizer)

He has just phoned the former secretary of South East Derbyshire UKIP that we did not inform him of a Branch meeting last night to close the branch. I can confirm that he was notified by post as was all members on the sticky labels supplied by Birmingham.

The 11 members that turned up all voted in favor of closing the branch. A further 12 members are or have resigned. South East Derbyshire has ceased to exist, all the active members have now left.

Geoff Kingscott has told the former secretary of South East Derbyshire UKIP intends to take legal action for closing the Branch!!!!

With no active members left, what could we do?

After all it was Geoff Kingscott's idea to call for a Leadership Election !!!


posted by Martin |10:38 AM
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