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Saturday, January 22, 2005 

UKIP and MI5 by Frederick Forsyth

From The Daily Express
Friday January 21 2005

Ukip's hidden agenda to split the Tory vote
Frederick Forsyth

LORD DERAMORE asks whether there are any grounds to his gut feeling that the UK Independence Party now hates the Conservatives more than it loathes Labour and Lib-Dem.

The answer, my lord, is you're quite right but the motive is not hatred. Under our constitution it is in order for a government to designate a political movement's agenda as "contrary to British interest".

Once so designated, it is lawful for intelligence agencies to monitor such organisations.

Usually M15 (internal spooks) are used. About 10 years ago, even though growing scepticism of the direction of the EU was a majority view here, Euro-scepticism was so designated.

Under Blair, "monitoring" has become active destabilisation. The spooks' plan was simple but clever. Instead of launching a dummy pro-Brussels party, they penetrated the country's most anti-EU party Ukip.

That's why its orientation has been steadily and increasingly to contest the seats of the Conservatives' most robustly Euro-sceptic MPs and prospective candidates.

The aim? Split the Tory vote and let Labour or Lib-Dem slip in. This accounts for Ukip standing against some of the toughest Tory Euro-sceptics, so long as their majority is slim enough to be vulnerable.

Blair's declared aim (The Unfinished Revolution) is to destroy all parties opposed to him and create his Hundred Years of Blairism.

That is why Ukip chief Roger Knapman (not a bear of enormous brain) is contentedly unaware that two Government moles are deep inside the fabric of his party and have been for years, working to Government instructions, which are to destroy every possible chance of Tories winning seats. So those voting Ukip against a cracking Tory candidate are happily doing Blair's and Brussels' business for them.

Please do not be shocked. It is exactly what governments Labour and Tory used to do to the extreme Left when they were run by the Comintern. All that is new is that those who love this country more than they appreciate rule by Brussels are now seen as Blair's enemies and thus Britain's enemies.

OK, Lord Deramore? That is us and a few others!

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