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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 

Telegraph returns to Veritas and Times letter

Another day of speculation over the intentions of Robert Kilroy-Silk looks on the cards for today.

Brendan Carlin the paper's Political Correspondent returns to the story, claiming that a constituency speech by the former TV presenter in the East Midlands on Thursday will see the announcement of the MEPs resignation from UKIP, marking yet another new low in that party's management, reputation and effectiveness. The report may be read from here. The report includes this statement:

Mr Kilroy-Silk aims to use Veritas to tap into what he believes in widespread public disillusionment with the existing main political parties. "There is clearly a huge demand across the country, across people's background in ages and indeed, across the old parties, for something that is fresh and new, and which will represent them and Britain's interests," said Mr Kilroy-Silk.

The former Labour MP believes Ukip in its present form is failing to respond to that public mood.

The void that Robert Kilroy-Silk has identified and seems to be now aiming to try to fill is described in the following letter from the The Timeslinked here


For the truly patriotic the main aim for Europe (letters, January 10 and 14) may be stated as the abolition of the dictatorial European Commission and Court and the impotent Parliament, and the proper use by European (and other) leaders of the existing organisations — Nato, the UN and the World Trade Organisation — to conduct military, political and trade affairs worldwide. The Conservatives, whose timid policy on Europe is to exit from the Common Agricultural and Fisheries Policies, argue that a vote for the UK Independence Party in the next election would let in more Lib Dems and defeat those voters’ aim, at the UK’s cost.

The impatient patriot can only vote UKIP. Those wiser but cautious can vote Conservative, or abstain. For whom can the wise, brave and patriotic vote?
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