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Monday, January 17, 2005 

Telegraph reports Robert Kilroy-Silk to form New Party

The Daily Telgraph this morning carries a report by its Political Correspondent Brendan Carlin titled ' Kilroy-Silk ready to quit Ukip and set up his own rival party' which may be read in full by clicking here. The following are some quotes from the article:-

Mr Kilroy-Silk, who joined Ukip only last spring, plans to form a party called Veritas (Latin for truth)......

Last night Mr Kilroy-Silk's supporters said that only the firm offer of a leadership contest within Ukip would dissuade the former television presenter and Labour MP from quitting.

Ukip immediately rejected an appeal from Damian Hockney, the leader of the party's Greater London Assembly group, to stage such a contest and a party spokesman laughed off Mr Kilroy-Silk's plans......

Mr Kilroy-Silk was not available for comment last night.

But rumours of his plans have gathered pace within the past few days, with one Ukip branch chairman openly referring to it on an internet forum last Friday. Using a pseudonym, he wrote: "Robert Kilroy-Silk asked me to come over to his new party and I have accepted his offer."

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