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Friday, January 28, 2005 

Resignation of UKIP's Bolton Branch Secretary

26th January 2005


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with a feeling of profound sorrow and regret, that I find my self in the position where I am forced to write this letter, but due to the unremitting pressure being applied from all quarters, in an effort to force us to accept the totally undemocratic way the party is being run, and the resignations of the remaining members of the remaining committee, I find I have no option but to tender my own resignation.

This is done, not with any feeling of defeat, but with a feeing of frustration at backbiting, and the lack of cohesion, or direction within the party, and a determination to carry on the fight, albeit in another party.

Since I became a member of UKIP, and in particular, a member, and Secretary of the Bolton Branch of the party, I have had the privilege of working with, and for, some very fine, and dedicated people, people who with nothing more in mind than to work towards the withdrawal of the U.K from Europe, and to return our country to it’s own people.

All this in what we all thought was a democratic party; sadly, there was amongst us people who, by fair means, or foul, were determined to have their own way, even if it meant going against the stated aims of the party, and the wishes of the Branch members, they would deny the members the right to have their say in the running of the party.

As you will by now all be aware, it was decided by the committee that we should ask the members of our branch if they wished to have an EGM called, and if they wanted a leadership contest, in order to establish their wishes, a letter was sent to all our members asking their views.

Before the result was known, and at the instigation of a certain member of the committee, who had resigned, had asked the N.W. Regional office to close the branch down, I can only draw one conclusion to that! I would suggest the reason was to deny the members their democratic right to have their say.

Since that time, we have had the obscenity of a letter from the N.W Regional office stating that it was their intention to form another Branch in Bolton, with a stronger committee, I would say to that, you had one of the strongest Committee’s you could possibly have had, and the only reason you wanted to remove them, was because they would not betray their democratic principles, and do as they were told.

The position now is, as a result of resignations from the Committee, and constant harassment by members of the hierarchy, the prospects of the Branch carrying on in its present form has become untenable.

On the face of it, I would think that if we decided to carry on we could expect no support from the Party in any shape or form, therefore it has been decided that with effect from to-days date the Bolton Branch of UKIP no longer exists, and therefore any addresses, and telephone ?’s you may have, which were provided by me, no longer refer to UKIP.

It may well be that the party will try to establish another Branch in Bolton, the one question you must then ask yourself in the light of what has been said, would, or could you trust them to listen to you? Or as they have done with us, just ignore you.

In conclusion I would like to pass on the result of the ballot of our members regarding the EGM and a leadership challenge. 75% in favour of a challenge 25% against, this however is now academic, and another nail in the coffin of democracy.

As I tender my resignation from the party, I would like to thank all the people from all over the Country, who have been kind enough to support the Bolton Branch since the farce of our suspension started, and to wish you all the very best in the future, who knows, we may meet again under different circumstances, and as members of another party dedicated to the freedoms we thought we had with UKIP.

And finally, I would ask you to consider voting at the next election for a candidate in your area that holds dear, the principle of DEMOCRACY, and is willing to give you the right to express your views, I like the other members of the Branch who have resigned, it is now my intention to become a member of Kilroy-Silks new party who seem to be the only party that will return this Country to its own people, and save us from the abyss of the E.U.

Yours sincerely,

W. David Jones.
Former Secretary of Bolton Branch, and former P.P.C for Bolton S.E.

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