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Sunday, January 16, 2005 

An NEC Member rips apart Knapman's New Year Message

This damning critique of the UKIP Leader's ignorant New Year's Message has been brutally assembled by one of the party's longest standing NEC members. The writing must be on the wall for Roger - it seems if he will not go quickly then only Farage can now call 'TIME'. (Once again this message seems to have taken an age to reach this blog - apologies to all):

To: Roger Knapman, NEC, MEPs, AMs, etc.


Re: Roger Knapman's New Year Message

This message has been received very poorly. Among some of the criticisms are:

1. We cannot have the Party Leader indulging in vulgarity. It is simply not acceptable to put into a public New Year greeting, by a Party leader, the words 'the excrement hit the ventilation system'. Please study the messages of the other party leaders. They are dignified.

2. The message is a peculiar mixture of somewhat antique language such as 'plaudits' and 'copious' together with lapses into demotic such as 'sneaky', 'a la Tony Blair' and 'a la Michael Howard'. The whole message is then liberally sprinkled with cliches such as 'not on the hoof'; 'eating lotuses'; 'scales falling from the eyes'; 'clutching at fig leafs'. Nobody speaks in Knapmanland - they always 'spout'. Cliches are generally regarded as substitutes for thought.

3. Then there is what was described, by a leading MEP, as the Stalinist threat, 'the untrustworthy are to be purged'. So the Leader thinks there are 'untrustworthy assistants and experts'. Thank goodness he is not talking about the NEC but about the people he and the leadership have recruited - who are these untrustworthy assistants and experts he and the
leadership has recruited?

4. The only concrete policy in the whole message, apart from opposition to ID cards and winding up Regional Assemblies, is - the restoration of the House of Lords!

5. Plus, of course, some referendums on undefined subjects and on undefined terms. Perhaps a referendum on the restoration of the House of Lords!

6. Roger's speechwriter must be replaced but why did Roger approve this concoction of the rococo and the vulgar. It is a personal document - not a Party one - but it is highly damaging.

Anthony Scholefield

Sorry once again that we are late with this titbit - apologies to all - New sources needed? Or are the blog's days numbered ........ Mission Accomplished perhaps?

posted by Martin |7:55 PM
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