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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 

NEC Election Nominations

I have been sent the following list of NEC candidates, on which we will be providing background in due course.

Peter Baker, Hugh Moelwyn Hughes, Michael Phillips, Gerard Batten, Lawrence Keeley, Stephen Povey, Alan Bown, Brian Lee, Anthony Scholefield, John Burdon, Donald MacKay, Andrew Smith, Alan Cook, Craig Mackinlay, Tony Stone, George Curtis, Robert McWhirter, John Whittaker, Douglas Denny , Andrew Moore, Peter Wyatt, Alan Eastwood, George Mudge, Michael Zuckerman, Linda Guest, David Nixon, Martin Harvey David Noakes.

Known and consistent supporters of Nigel Farage in his constant manipulations of the party constitution will be listed in due course, two such names that immediately hit the eye are fromer NEC members Tony Stone and Andrew Moore.

Known opponents of the present incompetent and indolent party leadership will also be noted. Comments by e-mail will be read and considered.

posted by Martin |2:13 PM
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