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Saturday, January 15, 2005 

More anti-democratic and deplorable tactics

The UKIP leadership are now reported to believe that they can expel elected members and seize their seats - new attacks are under way on Hockney and others.

The leadership's plans to expel senior members critical of their disastrous leadership were spelled out on an officially sanctioned website yesterday and today.

The ind-uk website manager, Simon Muir, has publicised the leadership intention to expel elected members like Damian Hockney and Robert Kilroy-Silk and to try to seize their seats on elected assemblies.

ind-uk removes anyone critical of the party leadership and only debates matters which suit the party leadership. It is sanctioned to a degree by the party leadership, and its manager is an associate of Greg Lance-Watkins, who functions as an informal PR for Nigel Farage.

In an e-mail exchange of 13th January 2005, Simon Muir states that if the leadership expel these troublesome members, "the seat reverts"...,ie if the leadership start kangaroo court discipline proceedings, they can seize the seats for UKIP and for those more malleable to the leadership.

The exchange made the claim that the leadership could NOT seize the seats if the members left the party voluntarily, but could do so if they were expelled.

This therefore would mean there would be an incentive for the party leadership to "discipline" those in elected positions like Damian Hockney, RK-S and Gerard Batten, whose seats they might wish to seize and give to more compliant members.

This statement by leadership apologist Simon Muir ties in with the move by Nigel Farage and others to bring "discipline proceedings" against party members, including the UKIP Leader in the London Assembly Damian Hockney. So desparate are they to push these proceedings through that Mark Croucher was uncovered sending a backdated e-mail after lawyers ruled out the discipline proceedings he started against elected representatives on behalf of his employer Nigel Farage. This is a direct re-run of what was attempted last year on more than one occasion and when they tried to smear their opponents as BNP moles.

On that occasion, Damian Hockney sued and won costs and damages against the leadership.

posted by Martin |8:57 AM
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