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Monday, January 24, 2005 

Mission Accomplished?

The raison d'etre of this blog is rapidly disappearing. The public attack last week and resignation by Robert Kilroy-Silk most clearly sums up and encapsulates pretty much everything we have revealed on these pages over the past twenty-two months.

This time next week when the incompetent, manipulated and totally inept National Executive Committee of UKIP meets for its monthly non-event, the defections from the party are likely to have reached such a level that the pathetic claim that only three UKIP branches ever supported the call for a leadership election will be seen for the ridiculous charade and enormous lie it always was!

Anthony Butcher the moderator of the discussion forum 'UKIP Forum' begun in such high hopes a short while ago, has posted a summary of the UKIP situation which I can hardly better. It starts as follows:

Where are we?
As of now, we are in a mess. We have a critical image problem.

Thanks to the split between Mr Kilroy-Silk and our leadership, we now have two parties running on the same manifesto, potentially standing against each other in anything up to 150 constituencies in the general election. The impact of this will be not just to split the vote but also to lose a lot of the vote as the electorate lump both parties together as an unelectable shambles. Division does not inspire confidence.

On top of that, Mr Kilroy-Silk has declared war on UKIP, and has said that he will be actively campaigning against us. He began that on Thursday night with a withering attack on not just the leadership of UKIP but also the party and what we stand for. We cannot win that media war, so let's not fight it. Our support was fragile enough, but a constant attack from a former ally all the way to the general election will destroy us.

The media and the public, for the next couple of months, will be unable to see any issue beyond the splitting of UKIP and the formation of Veritas. Any attempts at policy announcements and so on will be wasted under this current climate, and any momentum that we may have had from June is finally dead.

Party morale is at an all time low. Members are witnessing the birth of a splinter party which will get all of the media attention from now on and they have witnessed the party they care dearly about publicly lambasted and ridiculed. They know that the future for the party is bleak at the moment and that the leadership has, as yet, failed to present a plan to get us out of this mess.

Celebrating the fragmentation of the anti-EU movement by declaring that we will be "breaking open the champagne" makes us look like buffoons and, perhaps worse, shows that the leadership were more interested in getting rid of RKS than protecting the integrity of the anti-EU movement. This may not be true, but it is the image that matters here.

The huge amount of negative discussion and lack of positive discussion within the party is largely fuelled by the complete failure of the party to manage the media. We have almost nothing positive emanating from the party to cheer about at the moment, so the membership are left with only negative press reports to talk about.

The current party image is badly tarnished now. The public criticisms by RKS dating all the way back to October will be with us forever if nothing changes. It is worth repeating our new public image:

"But I have to say that the Party is regarded by those outside it as a joke. I am ashamed to be a member. I cannot ask people to vote for it because it has no policies, no spokespersons, no energy, no vision, no idea of how Britain should be governed.

"Instead I shall advise people not to vote for the Party. To do otherwise will be to be dishonest, to pretend that the party has a purpose - when in fact it is a charade, an empty vessel" - Robert Kilroy-Silk

Under these conditions, UKIP will be lucky to get 5% of the vote in the general election. We will have no chance of getting any MPs, and our credibility for campaigning against the EU Constitution will be seriously diminished, if we do nothing to repair the damage.

Mr Butcher then proceeds to wishfully propose possible solutions all predicated on the assumption of a reasonable leadership, which of course does not exist within the Party, for were it so it could never have arrived at such a point. The forum is available to all for those interested.

I anticipate something new and better will now fairly quickly appear and have registered a few Blogspots with a Veritas title in case that new party name does indeed prove true. They will be linked from here when applicable.

In the interim I will continue to record the collapse of the UKIP, much of which I sincerely trust will be saved more or less intact - ready and prepared to truly begin to fight the European Union.

As for the 'uncovered' UKIP's sorry and treacherous leadership - let them continue - cossetted and irrelevant in Brussels and Strasbourg - where they truly belong!

posted by Martin |1:22 PM
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