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Friday, January 14, 2005 

Misplaced Loyalty?

The following is an excerpt from a response to the posting immediately beneath this from a sometime contributor to items on this blog, former UKIP NEC member Chris Cooke:-

Here's a quote from a well known UKIP personality, Laurie Boxall

"..........................I was one of the NEC members who signed Roger's nomination paper 2 years ago and I have remained loyal as long as I was able. I have not spoken publicly about this before now in the interests of party unity, despite being very unhappy with the way the party has been run for many years.................................."

Laurie apparently has now "seen the light" and backs a leadership election.

But look what he says about party loyalty and being "unhappy for many years" with UKIP leadership. Now isn't this just the trouble. So many people have been so unhappy for so many years within UKIP but they won't "rock the boat". They'll spout words of support they don't really believe, they'll bury their heads in the sand at each new revelation of wrongdoing - BUT those same people will condemn and abuse those who are trying to point out what's going wrong - as if these "evil people are rocking UKIP's boat - and so must be enemies of EU

As one of those "enemies" I could only watch in fascinated horror at the viciousness of party infighting -"loyalists" v. "reformers". But it really has all been a matter of where people draw the line. When personal or party "loyalty" work against the aims of an organisation like UKIP - then loyalty should be ditched - immediately! It is because people cannot - will not - bring
themselves to be "disloyal" that they have allowed UKIP's problems to fester. Too many good men stayed silent - many even attacking the "messengers"!

posted by Martin |10:28 AM
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