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Thursday, January 06, 2005 

Lord Pearson's Incredible IF

I have received this from Sandra Robinson, regarding the posting of this morning. It puts the usual Tory dilemma very clearly:

Re: A quote from Lord Pearson of Rannoch

"....that if the Conservative party adopted a come out policy...."

I am an admirer of Lord Pearson's eloquent views on the consequences of the United Kingdom's EU membership, but I do not understand his comment below regarding the Conservative Party's leadership's possible direction. This former great party took us in, co-operates and works within the EU and always states that 'it' the Party, will not advocate leaving. Many individual members and supporters would advocate it, but not the Party. The continuing loyalty of members and supporters to the Conservative Party (and the same situation with labour) means that both parties have pro-EU majority leadership views defeating, I believe, anti-EU majority membership views. Unless the rank and file memberships break away on this issue alone, even to go back later, nothing will change.

The Conservative Party clearly state that they do not wish to withdraw from the European Union, so why Lord Pearson goes down the path of a "that if" in this case I do not know. If he believes it is possible over clever manoeuvrings of fishing re-negotiations, then again, I think he is mistaken. The EU are notoriously clever at reluctantly, but ultimately, giving whatever it costs to keep you as part of the EU. The only sad thing from the the Pro-EU camp is that they always settle for so little in the process.

posted by Martin |4:28 PM
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