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Tuesday, January 04, 2005 

Knapman's Pathetic New Year Whingeing makes it to UKIP's Home Page.

Oh the poor saps still within UKIP! Is this really the message you want your leader to carry to the voters at the opening of what many consider will be an election year. I quote it again, this time straight from the party's website -

If anyone deserves a good year, it is you, who have withstood disregard, disdain, slander, want of funds and frequently, as it seemed, of friends, and have stood firm.

What does it feel like to be a member of a party that your own leader describes as suffering:-

"disregard, disdain, slander, want of funds and frequently, as it seemed, of friends"

Kick these dreadful people who run UKIP far from office and learn to hold your heads high once again is this blog's advice for a successful 2005!

posted by Martin |8:07 PM
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