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Monday, January 17, 2005 

How Kilroy-Silk might affect the coming election

When editorials of broadsheets turn to personal attacks based upon the colour of a person's skin, it is clear they fear for the future of the political movements they have historically doggedly and slavishly supported.

Enough on Telegraph leader writers. More constructive analysis of the likely affect of Robert Kilroy-Silk's supposed new party (rumoured to be named Veritas) was posted on on 13th January, linked from here (which to date has attracted 81 comments) and titled 'Who'll lose from Robert Kilroy-Silk's new party plans'. The following are some quotes:

A populist right-wing grouping appealing to the Cs and Ds could affect all the main parties - syphoning off the protest vote that the LD might have been hoping and eating into the core support of both Labour and the Tories.

An early loser could be UKIP which looks set to suffer by not having their publicity and vote magnet who showed his worth by attracting the most votes for UKIP in the East Midlands region at the Euro Elections. The idea that it could win at least one Westminster seat now looks very remote and the party will not command anything like the same degree of attention.

But how big a figure is Kilroy-Silk?

What impact can he have in a General Election campaign?

We’ll know soon enough.

One thing seems sure, today's Daily Telegraph leader writer certainly seems concerned! One must presume it is for the Tories.

posted by Martin |11:08 AM
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