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Friday, January 21, 2005 

Further Media Coverage on the UKIP Crisis

The Daily Telegraph's Brendan Carlin returns to the UKIP story which he has been concentrating on for most of this week. His item titled '
Kilroy-Silk leaves Ukip, saying party is a 'joke' is linked from here.

Incredibly Nigel Farage is quoted in this report, taking time out from his repeated, unsuccessful and difficult to believe assertions that the BNP and the UKIP are not alike (see this link) nor indeed have any connections, as saying he felt "massive relief" to have lost the best - if not only - electoral asset the part could claim. In other words, one can only presume, his own leadership chances, albeit for a now doomed party, have suddenly been reborn!

The Financial Times carries a brief report, linked here, while The Independent has this quote at the end of its piece:

UKIP dismissed Mr Kilroy Silk's charges. A spokesman said: "If we're that duff why did he want to lead us last week?"

To which the only honest and obvious answer, as this blog has been desperately trying to make clear for almost three years is, 'To salvage the cause in which UKIP pretends to believe!'

20th January 2005, marks the culmination of our exposure of UKIP. The speech by Robert Kilroy-Silk put forth our own conclusions about UKIP, reached many months ago. We hoped Mr Kilroy-Silk might have been allowed to takeover the party and restore its reputation to allow it to properly fight the anti-EU cause in the forthcoming General Election. That clearly has proved impossible.

UKIP members or others who wish to move forward in the direction set out by Robert Kilroy-Silk in his speech last night can check back to this blog later today for an e-mail contact address where their support can be registered.

posted by Martin |8:01 AM
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