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Friday, January 21, 2005 

Former Treasurer's Suspension again turns to Farce

We reported earlier this week that the former party Treasurer John de Roeck, had once again been suspended following a typical Kangaroo Court style ringround of expired panel members. To add farce to fiddle and fiasco, it now appears that while Mr de Roeck is suspended from all Party functions and candidatures during the convening of a proper panel, which logic and the and the party constitution require cannot possibly be appointed ahead of another party conference.

Such suspension, these cannot even apparently apply to his position on the party's National Executive Committee, (which it appears was the whole reason for the disgraceful hoax e-mail situation in the first place) so there he remains - as visitors to the UKIP site can themselves witness by clicking on this link.

Mr de Roeck is mounting a considered defence against the basis on which charges have apparently been laid against him. We are informed that it is indeed the 'hoax e-mail' saga that is behind this latest dispute, whether or not that is the case, our betting is that once again the leadership is on a hiding to nothing ( or should we say it is the wider UKIP membership who will once more see funds they thought dedicated to fighting the EU, yet again devoted to the intrigues and devious schemes of the nasty little clique now at the party's head.) How the lawyers must love UKIP's cabal and their aversion to proper procedure and democratic process.

No wonder Robert Kilroy-Silk, a proper politician left the party - that e-mail address again is: or visit Vote for Kilroy.

posted by Martin |7:58 PM
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