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Friday, January 07, 2005 

Farage fears the worst - A plea to reward duplicity!

The Chesham & Amersham branch in the South East region is holding an EGM at 2:30 pm tomorrow in order to vote on whether to call for a leadership election.

I have been informed that Nigel Farage is unconstitutionally interfering in the branch's internal business and trying to prevent them calling for a leadership election.

He has sent all the members a letter, apparently without informing the chairman.

Here are some excerpts from Farage's letter -

I cannot stand by and let your branch hold an EGM... (the chairman is) fundamentally wrong on this issue.... (RKS is) putting his own ambition over and above the interests of UKIP... an EGM at national level is incompatible with a general election campaign...

The last paragraph is interesting. Here it is in full -

Finally, this vote of no confidence in the leader is not just about Roger Knapman. It is also about my position. I have given 10 years of my life to building up UKIP and am particularly proud of our growth here in the South East. I would like your continued trust and support.

My correspondent writes "It is disgraceful that Farage is trying to blackmail the branch members, saying in effect 'if you vote against Roger, I'll leave'. Of course he's right to say it's about his position too - if Knapman is kicked out, Farage won't be able to play puppetmaster anymore."

The writer of this blog happened to dine at the same table as Roger Knapman and a gentleman he believed to be the Chairman of the UKIP Chesham and Amersham Branch, who is today Rodney Howlett at the Scarborough Conference Dinner in 2002. If that person is the same man, it's odd to think how events turn around!

posted by Martin |5:18 PM
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