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Thursday, January 20, 2005 

Facts on the Bolton Branch Suspension

In the absence of time to collate a fuller report on the situation in Bolton I am grateful to have received this communication from the Branch Secretary:

Hi Martin Cole,

Just to clarify the situation regarding the suspension of the Bolton Branch, first and foremost we had not called for an EGM, what we have done is to send a letter to ALL our members to ask the following two questions!

1. Do you want to call a EGM, YES or NO.
2, Do you want a leadership challenge, YES or NO.

The overwhelming response form the members indicates that they want BOTH, and the comments attached to some of the replies does not make good reading for the UKIP leadership.

Quite clearly the hierarchy have got wind of our attempt to find out the wishes of ALL the members of the Bolton Branch, and by the actions of the N.W Regional office, and I suspect, higher up, they have decided that they would not tolerate any dissent from their wishes.

When you consider that the Party was supposedly established on the principle of DEMOCRACY, I fail to see what the objection could possible be to finding out the wishes of the members, after all the members are the party.

However, to-day I have sent an e-mail to GREGG BEAMAN, N.W Regional organiser, pointing out that as far as the majority of the members of the committee are concerned, we will not accept the suspension handed down by UKIP, it is up to the members of the branch to decide if they want to carry on as UKIP members or not.

Further more, I have pointed out that without chapter and verse of the authority N.W.R purport to be using to effect a suspension, or a Court order, we will carry on as usual until such time as the members decide that they no longer wish to be part of UKIP, and on present form, from the top down, I am surprised that anyone wishes to be associated with the party.

David Jones.
Secretary Bolton Branch.

posted by Martin |9:25 AM
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