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Monday, January 10, 2005 

Eurorealist Bans UKIPuncovered!

I suppose it should not come as a surprise that Nigel Farage's chief ranter, Greg Lance-Watkins, would back such an edict.......anything to prevent the truth from reaching UKIP's greater membership! See below an e-mail, squashing free-speech from those who claim they are democrats! (Thanks for the plug, though! We don't suppose you can stop your members going to the banned site and posting information elsewhere! - even the new members, who are patronisingly referred to as 'politically uneducated'!)

Peter W Watson wrote:
January 9, 2005

To the list:

As the group owner I have discussed with the moderators an issues we wish to address regarding posts and have decided to issue a general warning.

This is a group for discussing broad eu and now domestic political and economic issues plus some ephemera. It is pretty free and open but from today we will no longer accept any posts WHATEVER from anyone taken off the ukipuncoveredblogspot.

If you post anything from this web site to eurorealist your name will be removed from eurorealist after one warning subsequent to this one.

We also request that members of any political party not use the group as a forum to cut and paste political opinions and sales propaganda which can be found on the web site of their party. If there is a factual article which can be referenced then fine - reference it. This goes for
all parties.

If group members want to look at particular web sites they are quite free to do so. They do not have carte blanche to export endless opinion from any web site. If this offends then please take yourselves and your posts off this list.

We are conscious that some new members may be politically uneducated and therefore we will lose them if they think this is just a ranting parlour. It has seemed to be in the past.

If you want to criticise the three main parties please go ahead. Together, they have destroyed our self government through their own complicity.

This is a first and final general warning. If it needs clarification then e-mail the webmaster off list. Any one posting other such material will be warned once personally. Third strike and you're out.

The moderators.
Peter Watson
Jo White
Greg Lance-Watkins

posted by Martin |7:39 AM
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