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Tuesday, January 04, 2005 

EU Callousness reaches new and ever more despicable LOWS!

The following is being sent around the Blog fraternity by Anonemouse of 'Anglo Saxon Chronicles' linked from "Ironies" side bar and from here:

Words fail me, we are into day 10 of the Indian ocean disaster and do the EU copy the Australian-American model of acting quickly and effectively to save lives, or do they issue another pointless edict

"After the natural disaster that has affected south-east Asia and some regions of east Africa, the Luxembourg Presidency calls for three minutes of mourning in silence throughout the European Union, to be observed at noon on 5 January 2005. Flags will fly at half-mast"

At noon tomorrow 05/01/05 why not send an e-mail to the EU presidency with the follow text.

'You cant save life with silence'

posted by Martin |7:00 PM
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