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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 

David Lott, UKIP's National Campaign Manager goes on Holiday?

I first heard a rumour that UKIP's supposed General Election National Campaign manager was planning to take a five week holiday about now, which seemed so absurd in view of the much rumoured pending election that I discounted it entirely. To my amazement this morning I have been sent this e-mail which has been circulateing amongst UKIP's Prosepctive Parliamentary Candidtes:

Can anybody tell me why our so called "election supremo" David Lott should choose this time to go on holiday for 6 weeks, is this the actions of a man dedicated to our campaign ????

Many find the view of this blog - namely that UKIP mainly exists to thwart the anti-EU movement within Britain hard to believe. If the above e-mail is true I anticipate many UKIP members will now have less problem with such a theory!

posted by Martin |9:58 AM
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