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Thursday, January 20, 2005 

BBC withdraws allegation against Damian Hockney

Those who read the BBC Online website will have seen a news piece called "Kilroy to reveal UKIP quit plan" earlier today, which is linked from our first posting of this morning, and might have noted that at the end of it, UKIP's Leader at the London Assembly Damian Hockney is quoted as saying that "if the leadership do not go, the party will go".

In the first version of this story, Damian Hockney's quote was followed by a quote from the UKIP leadership saying that Damian Hockney has been "predicting the demise of the party for a long time". Damian Hockney has done no such thing. In fact, he has been one of those who have been trying to reform the party and achieve a leadership election.

This typical leadership lie and huge distortion of the facts as evidenced throughout this blog was quickly exposed and reported by party members, and when the UKIP leadership could provide no proof of any such comment anywhere by Damian Hockney, the BBC pulled the leadership's lie from the end of the story. So if you look at it now, you will see the version without the leadership's false statement.

posted by Martin |4:30 PM
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