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Thursday, December 09, 2004 

Who should lead UKIP?

Which would you select as leader between these two:

Robert Kilroy-Silk who will be appearing tonight on 'Question Time' in front of millions of viewers of the nations number one BBC channel on its premier political chat programme?


Roger Knapman who fresh from his opening of a bathrobe outlet in Ramsgate will, this blog is reliably informed, be tonight attending a Buffet supper with a small group of Barnet &
Camden UKIP members in North London? (Even this kind of party duty has only been witnessed since the leadership question was opened!)

I believe the question is what is now called a 'No Brainer'

WAKE UP UKIP you have clearly KIPPED TOO LONG!

Read the draft manifesto that has been months in preparation and totally shames any sensible political organisation from here.

posted by Martin |6:07 PM
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