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Friday, December 31, 2004 

What a Waste (continued)

One year ago today I published a post titled 'UKIP's 2003 - What a Waste' it listed eighteen events that had disgraced the party during the course of 2003, they make interesting reading at the end of another year where the same bunch continue in charge. Click here to reach the posting.

The long list finished with the following statement:

Rehashing these facts is a thoroughly depressing experience, especially as the perpetrators all remain in their party posts and the membership appears indifferent. Certain Branch Chairmen, since the call by Mark Lester for an EGM, have quite incredibly sought to defend the leadership's actions. Committed Euro-realists must ensure that the electorate next June will not be similarly blind!

UKIP is a stain on the British body politic.

Rober Kilroy-Silk joining the party brought fresh hope and an almost unbelievable June election result. Even this blog, which had earlier dismissed the party in the words quoted above, was among those pushing hard for a UKIP vote in the majority of the EU Parliamentary constituencies.

Since then the usual suspects, now financially secure with their Brussels stipends, have sought to ensure that the one man who can rescue the country from the clutches of the EU (thus the only person now a threat to their luxurious and non-productive EU financed lifestyles) is thwarted in every attempt he makes to lead UKIP into the General Election.

If I have the perseverance I will make a similar list to last years, illustrating once again the sheer incompetence and often downright nastiness of those still at the head of UKIP, with particular emphasis on the second half of this year, when their treachery became most clear. Meantime look back and consider how all the warning signs of 2003 had been ignored. Here is the link once again.

posted by Martin |8:24 AM
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