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Sunday, December 12, 2004 

What Now?????

Such is the plaintive title of a posting last evening on an internet discussion forum which tends to concentrate on events within UKIP. I quote it in full:-

Hi, well it's almost a week now since the predicatable refusal to allow an EGM was announced by the Cabal.

So, what's plan B? Is there a plan B? To my knowledge, no 'official' response has been made by those leading the campaign to remove Knapman and start cleaning up UKIP. Requests for info/advice on how to proceed has fallen on deaf ears!

Does anyone know what the blazes is going on????

I hope this isn't another example of leading the troops up the hill only to send them back down the hill empty handed!

I would very much like to be able to report something positive on this blog today in response to the above plea. Can somebody please help????

posted by Martin |9:24 AM
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