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Monday, December 13, 2004 

What Now? - Here's What!

Yesterday morning I posted a query as to how the campaign for an Emergency General Meeting was progressing.

One of the Branch Chairmen involved has passed on the fact
that there is no 'Robert Kilroy-Silk campaign group' as such, therefore no particular 'Plan B'. He reported, however, that those who have asked for a leadership contest now, or failing that an Extraordinary Conference of the Party, are keeping in touch with one another.
The now more than fifty branches involved have done their best to consult as many members of their Branches as possible, or taken votes at Branch meetings, but some have not yet followed Rule 6.10 of the Party Constitution to the letter. This is being rapidly rectified.

Considering the party leadership has refused to recognise the legitimate demand for an EGM, those among this group of Chairmen who have not yet held a Branch EGM on three weeks' notice have either arranged to do so or are preparing to do so. As soon as the figure of 47 Branches - 20% - of the maximum ever reported numbers of UKIP branches is reached, the £4,700 will be paid over to the Party Secretary and he will then have no option, even under the disputed revised Party Constitution but to call the long-awaited EGM.
Incidentally, he added "we all noted Roger Knapman's claim on Radio 4 on Friday that he has '80% support' in the Party. We consider that any Party Leader who genuinely believed that, would definitely have called a leadership election without hesitation, and been re-elected with his hand greatly strengthened "

I would add to that latter point, that any party held in such regard by his members would be trying to lead his party from strength to strength rather than rip itself apart which seems the inevitable result of his present strategy.

Other reports now coming in indicate that this update may have already been superseded and that the UKIP Cabal will have some very difficult decisions to make over the course of this week.

posted by Martin |8:04 AM
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