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Monday, December 13, 2004 

Update For All Branches Calling For EGM

To: Branch Chairmen supporting the petition for an Extraordinary Conference

Further to earlier updates, we eventually received written notificationfrom the Party Secretary giving his grounds for refusal of our petition for an EGM. This now forms part of the legal action which is under way.

In addition, 43 branches have staged or are in the process of staging their own EGMs. The lawyers advised that this twin-track approach be adopted to strengthen our case. Early in the week, lawyers will contact the Party Secretary making clear that:

a) we do not accept that the Constitution has been changed
b) nevertheless we have more than 20 per cent of properly constituted branches signed up through EGMs with more signing up each day
c) continued refusal will put the party in jeopardy, delay theinevitable and make the leadership look foolish
d) the leadership's listing of branches is fundamentally faulty and that attempts to gerrymander the list of branches at this stage will play a part in the legal action (this is vital given that Party Treasurer Andrew Smith claimed at last week's NEC meeting that over 60 branches are not properly constituted - which 60? Ours?!)

We are aware of some pressure - and in some cases intimidation - against branch officials. Please remain resolute and report any such activity to us. Anyone who has not been contacted by Daniel Moss about branch EGMs should get in touch with him as soon as possible - his number is ..........

Our aim remains to resolve as quickly as possible the issue of the leadership of the party, bearing in mind the fact that we will not make the next major step forward with the current leadership.

If at any stage you feel concerned or need to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch. This is a complex issue, unfortunately timed over Christmas and New Year, but there is never a good time for such things.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,
Michael Harvey

posted by Martin |4:42 PM
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