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Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

UKIP under Knapman - a marketing tool for Bown's Dressing Gowns?

The first election circular from ex-Chairman David Lott opens as follows:-

UKIP Campaign Directors General Election Update

This is the first of what will be a series of communications in the run up to the next general election. Whilst we expect the election to be in early May there have been reports of a possible, if unlikely, snap election in February for which we must be prepared. I was appointed to the job of General election campaign director on 1st November, and I want to let you know what is happening.

Wow pretty frightening stuff, possibly now only some two months to go, and as the report then harrowingly reports hardly anything yet achieved. So with what stirring thoughts and words is this call to the pavements and electoral arms concluded - you will find this hard to believe, but it was exactly as follows:

Do please contact your Branch and constituency Association chairmen if you would like to purchase a luxury ‘Bown of London’ dressing gown for your nearest and dearest for Christmas. He or she can give you prices and details.
David Lott, Campaign Director

Such is UKIP under Roger Knapman, unable apparently to even fix a venue for an NEC meeting, where properly a vote should be taken on his own competence, while the Party's Election Policy circulars become a mere marketing mail shot for its largest donor!

posted by Martin |9:38 AM
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