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Saturday, December 04, 2004 

UKIP tells Guardian - 70 days notice for Leadership Election

Some 'smart alec' calling himself 'Who Cares' has contrived to send me an e-mail, apparently coming from my g-mail account, addressed to my g-mail account. To reply I can only send comments back to myself. This is of concern as he could be also sending defamatory statements to others allegedly coming from me.

For the time being I will not be sending e-mail from my g-mail accountAnybody receiving e-mail, any receiving messages ostensibly from me, please be kind enough to send them to so that I may pass them to gmail to help in their investigation.

The item, this hopefully only harmless joker, wished me to post on the blog was that from today's Guardian, linked here , which has this amazing quote from a UKIP spokesman highlighted in the quotes below:-

Mr Kilroy Silk said he told his attacker: "You obviously like shit, have some back." He claimed he had "gently massaged it into his hair and spread it across his face". The man was allowed to go while the MEP changed his clothes.

He said afterward: "This is what happens when people can't deal with free speech." In January, he stepped down as presenter of Kilroy after being taken off air by BBC bosses for describing Arabs as "suicide bombers, limb-amputators, women repressors".

He was elected East Midlands MEP as a member of the UK Independence party, but has since resigned the party whip. Speaking on Any Questions? he said he hoped to be elected leader before Christmas. A Ukip spokesman later said this would be impossible, because 70 days' notice was required for an election.

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