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Friday, December 17, 2004 

UKIP POLL SURGE - As Robert Kilroy-Silk's Accession Dawns

Can anyone doubt the amazing 'Kilroy Factor' at work? These poll results follow Robert Kilroy-Silk's appearance on Radio 4's 'Any Questions' and six days later on BBC 1's 'Question Time' - that mere days before the sample of 1932 voters was polled between 14 - 16th December.

The Daily Telegraph this morning carries the startling news of the UKIP YouGov poll rise for UKIP among the smaller parties from 7 to 12 per cent. Read the details from here. The somewhat amibuous quote is as follows:-

Backing for the various minor parties, notably the UK Independence Party has risen much more sharply - from a total of seven per cent last time to 12 per cent now.

Much has been made by the media of the need for unity in political parties, but the desperate attempts to stifle free and open debates, as particularly evidenced within the Conservative Party over recent years, seems to not be at all what the voters appreciate. Howard's supposed alternative governing party remains stuck three points behind the shambolic Blair mis-governing New Labour party at 32 per cent.

The deepening crisis within UKIP and the growing realisation among its members of their own leadership's betrayal of their cause now looks set to release the UKIP reformers free and with Robert Kilroy-Silk at their head deliver the seismic shock at the general election that our nation and the corrupt and anti-democratic European Union so badly needs.

These poll results were validated by a council by-election in Essex which put UKIP over ten per cent as follows:-

The result of the Essex County Council By-Election for the Harlow - Little Parndon and Town Centre Ward tonight - votes cast, then percentages, then change plus or minus from June 2003 election
1. Labour; 1083 (43.5%) DOWN 9.1%
2. Conservative, 715 (28.7%) UP 0.8%
3. UKIP, 261 (10.5%) UP 10.5%
4. Liberal Democrat, 213 (8.6%) DOWN 10.9%
5. Hands Off Our Park, 195 (7.8%) UP 7.8%
6. English Democrats, 21 (0.8%) UP 0.8%
Total valid votes cast: 2,487

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