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Monday, December 27, 2004 

UKIP MEPs Missing Again

The following appears in the blog of the Labour MEP Richard Corbett for 14th December:-

"In the evening I go to the mince pie and drink offered by UKREP - the UK Embassy to the EU - to which all British MEPs and officials are invited. This is one of the few cross-party social occasions, though only one UKIP MEP turns up, and even then briefly."

Surely this kind of social event, with the government paid euro-fanatics who must clearly work for such an organisation as UKREP, should be high on the list of priorities for every UKIP MEP to attend - a perfect opportunity to try and counter some of the deep anti-democratic brain-washing to which employees of such an organisation must be daily subjected!

This time another clear and obvious failure of Nigel Farage, UKIP's leader in the European Parliament, who for once cannot palm off the blame on his hapless puppet Roger Knapman, the latter being rarely found in Europe - not even for the one significant vote of the whole five year session- approval or veto of the EU Commission!!

posted by Martin |9:02 AM
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