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Wednesday, December 22, 2004 

UKIP London Assembly Leader described in Standard as "Voice of Reason"

An unexpected piece of publicity came in the 'Evening Standard Diary' column yesterday. A piece went onto the UKIP London Assembly blog, linked here earlier, but here is the story as it appeared in the Standard.

It shows how the PC brigade try to jump in on everything...but also importantly how the UKIP team got the better of them in what the paper described as the UKIP Leader's intervention as the "Voice of Reason"!!

Go and tell that to those people who are anything but that and now running the party.

"Stand Off on Ceremony

War has broken out in City Hall after plans were announced for a Holocaust Memorial ceremony in January. Members of the London Assembly, the 25-strong body charged with scrutinising the Mayor's policies, whipped themselves into a tizzy after UKIP researcher Dr Helen Szamuely dared to reply to the circular email by asking:

'May I suggest that the Chair and Deputy Chair of the London Assembly also arrange for a public ceremony at some later date for a memorial to all the victims of Communist systems?'

An extraordinarily vituperative exchange ensued with fellow Assembly Members. "I consider your reply totally inappropriate and I will raise the matter of your email with the chief executive," raged Brian Coleman, leader of the Assembly's Tories. Len Duvall, leader of the Labour members, accused Szamuely of being a holocaust denier. Bizarrely, it was left to UKIP Assembly leader Damian Hockney to provide a voice of reason. "If we cannot have a sensible debate can I suggest that we all stop now?"

POSTSCRIPT Relatives of Helen Szamuely were murdered in the Holocaust, so the idea that she could be described as a Holocaust denier was itself unthinkable. Damian tactfully made this point to all, and hopefully this will make those who leapt into action with such knee jerk attacks, think twice about doing so in the future.

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