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Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

UKIP General Election Candidate with BNP links hits the headlines

Following on from the news that one of UKIP's top target constituencies for the General Election has been awarded to Farage's friend and notorious 'Sleaze soiled' ex-Tory MP John Browne (please read our posting on The Strasbourg Cesspit of this morning click here, on that general topic), it now appears fellow 'Sleaze-soiled' ex-Tory MP Piers Merchant's vetting committees of candidates has knowingly let through an ex-BNP member as a PPC (totally contrary to the Party's Rule Book). The press report may be read from here. Did UKIP know? According to the man conerned - they certainly did:-

Mr Betts-Green said he had made it “absolutely clear” in August to the UK Independence Party's (UKIP) then acting chief executive, Piers Marchant, that he had attended the Ipswich meeting.

posted by Martin |1:01 PM
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