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Tuesday, December 14, 2004 

UKIP For Sale to the Highest Bidder ( eBay next?)

The Party's Press Officer claimed yesterday that Roger Knapman and Nigel Farage are recommending a change to the party's policy on leaving the EU as a result of an unspecified "six figure donation" from a mystery donor. Mark Croucher claims in an e-mail to the NEC attached below that he met the "mystery donor" at a football match. The e-mail is attached below this one. Do we as a party now sell ourselves to bidders? Do we abandon our core policy in return for a "six figure sum" from anyone, never mind some stranger we might meet at a football match? Out would go the automatic and constitutionally-protected commitment of the party to leave the European Union, and in will come a flabby promise to stage a referendum on leaving the EU. This watering down has been attacked before but this is a step too far. We are not the Referendum Party.
In the e-mail, attached below, Nigel Farage and Roger Knapman are claimed to recommend that "we should accept the cash with that condition...". This simply will not be tolerated and I call upon all those involved in this shambles to resign now.
We need to clarify the following:
1 Is it some sort of hoax or joke? It clearly cannot be as the sources are reputable and I have written already to ask, so stunned was I when it was passed to me yesterday afternoon. Naturally, no-one has seen fit to write back to me on the matter. 2 Are Nigel Farage and Roger Knapman clearly saying that we should sell out our party commitment on leaving the EU because someone at a football match says they will give us "a six figure sum"? 3 What is the explanation for this e-mail and has anyone else on the NEC apart from Roger and Nigel seriously signed up to jettisoning our core policy protected in the Manifesto? 4 What on earth is the Press Officer talking about in saying we would face a "blocking referendum in any case" if we achieved power and wanted to remove Britain from the EU? When has something like this occurred to a party in power? What does it mean, a blocking referendum? Do parties not in power actually have the opportunity to stage referenda? 5 Finally, do all concerned - Petrina, Mark, Roger, Nigel - not grasp what dynamite such e-mails represent? Stating that we should trade our manifesto for "a six figure sum"? The UK Independence Party is committed to getting Britain out of the EU. We will use every strategy possible, and if we achieve power, we will take Britain out of the EU and into a better future. We try to convert others, we don't allow the political establishment to convert us. That is what our Constitution says. That is why I joined. And that is what our membership wants. And that's what we must offer unfettered and untramelled, to the electorate when the General Election comes.
Damian Hockney
Leader, UK Independence Party Group
London Assembly
City Hall
Tel 020 7983 4883

From: Mark Croucher, UKIP Press Officer
To: NEC Members ONLY
13th December 2004
Strictly Confidential

Dear all,

While organising UKIPs sponsorship of football matches, I have been approached by a senior non - political figure who wishes to donate a six -figure sum to our general election fund. However he does have a condition, he wants to see our manifesto containing a promise to hold a referendum, on EU withdrawal, before we pull out - on the basis that we will garner a lot of votes from people who are simply voting against proffesional politicians rather than in support of our policies.

Given the manifesto policies on referendums, it would seem that UKIP would face a potential blocking referendum in any case, and, in his words, it would be a ‘point of honour, to confirm our mandate and show trust in the people of Britain’.

I have spoken to Petrina and she suggested I contact members of the N.E.C. directly to gauge opinion on this subject. I have spoken to Roger & Nigel, and they are in broad agreement: that we should accept the cash with that condition.

Best etc,

Mark Croucher
UKIP National Press Officer

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