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Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

UKIP Employee of Roger Knapman circulates latest Lance-Watkins smears.

A typical vitriolic outburst from the cabal supported Greg Lance-Watkins has reportedly now been give widespread circulation to members in the South West of England by the party paid employee of that regions MEPs, John Kelly, with the amazing instruction to "Pass it on".

Amongst the mass of information on this blog concerning the activities of this man, one whom it should not be forgotten the NEC ruled there should be no further contact following his public incitement to murder following the Anna Lindh tragedy in Sweden, is this particularly apt description that was first posted on 14th September 2003 and is linked from here. The concluding paragraph of which makes the point powerfully enough

1. GLW must be denounced by UKIP in unequivocal terms immediately.
2. Anyone within UKIP who has fed GLW information or been friendly to him
either personally or by correspondence must be sacked.
3. UKIP must be restored to a position that all our proceedings are open and
decent and can command the respect of the electorate.

I have not seen this latest attack, often I am forwarded them when my name is mentioned, but understand the frequently targeted Damian Hockney UKIP's leader on the GLA is once again a principle target. He has been forced yet again to threaten action, I have been told - yet more evidence of the party's total disarray under the false leadership of Farage's stooge - Roger Knapman!

posted by Martin |1:47 PM
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