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Tuesday, December 21, 2004 

UKIP Confirm - Discipline cases collapse

We have received this latest report on further shenanigans from the UKIP leadership cabal:


The UKIP leadership ('rotten to the core' see posting below) was in fresh crisis last night after its highly publicised attempt to discipline members calling an EGM collapsed amid recriminations and the intervention of lawyers.

The party has confirmed that, contrary to what it told the Guardian on the record only a few days ago, no discipline cases are being taken out against Damian Hockney and Daniel Moss.

The party leadership was facing fresh calls to resign last night, following revelations that many of those on the NEC claimed to have been told about the hoax e-mail, saying that they were not party to it. The hoax e-mail was designed as an attack on those assumed to be behind the EGM call. Laywers have now been instructed on the EGM call itself, and on the day of the hoax, the organisers informed the leadership that it had the numbers to call an EGM even using the new rules.

The plan therefore was to knock out a number of those calling for an EGM, to take over their branches (hence the secret setting up of a ghost branch in Damian Hockney's constituency by the Party Leadership 10 days ago) and to reduce the numbers in the call to below the level required.

In a press release to the Guardian, contravening all the party rules about discipline confidentiality, Press Officer Mark Croucher (acting on behalf of employer Nigel Farage) had stated that nine NEC members were involved in the deception, including the Party Chairman.

However, NEC members are distancing themselves from the leadership and many have publicly stated that the knew nothing of the fraud. So far, the only ones who confess to their guilt in the fraud are Nigel Farage, Roger Knapman and Mike Nattrass. Even Party Chairman Petrina Holdsworth, implicated in the deception by the Press Officer and presumed guilty, has not admitted it in spite of intense pressure to confirm or deny, and it is clear that the matter has now seriously ruptured the party's relationship with the press as well.


Can any UKIP members really wish to continue to support Roger Knapman and Nigel Farage leading their party into an early General Election? Particularly with the worsening Public Sector Borrowing Requirement figures released yesterday, Howard's rebels following his disastrous stance on ID Cards and the clearly stagnant to falling property market, all pointing to the chance of a truly eartshaking victory for party to be led by one of the calibre and charisma of Robert Kilroy-Silk.

The country will be unlikely to lightly forgive these two scheming and insignificant individuals if they continue to unconstitutionally connive to cling to the positions they perennially prove themselves to be so unfit to fill!.

posted by Martin |3:04 PM
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