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Thursday, December 09, 2004 

UKIP Christmas Quiz - Try this Brain Teaser

We have received the following, which gave us a wry smile:-

We’re keeping the UKIP Manifesto secret so that papers like the ‘Newquay Voice’ don’t make fun of us - UKIP Leader Roger Knapman. Read the full report from here.

UKIP Leader Roger Knapman in a speech on Saturday explained why UKIP’s Manifesto is to remain secret, as revealed by the Newquay Voice this week:

“Mr Knapman in a rousing speech said: ‘UKIP is truly becoming a national party. Don’t ask me when but were going to win a General Election.
"We are starting to prepare our election campaign. UKIP is not a one issue party, we will have a manifesto, which will have some startling ideas, which will attract those divorced from the political process. We have not released our manifesto yet as people will pinch our good ideas and if there are bad ideas newspapers like the Newquay Voice will make fun of them."

It seems from this authoritative statement that there are three classes of policy to look out for in the UKIP Manifesto:

(A) · startling
(B) · good ideas that might get pinched, and
(C) · bad ideas that the Newquay Voice might make fun of.

Try this Christmas Quiz - based on excerpts from the Draft UKIP Manifesto revealed below. Try and see which of the policies below fit each of the three categories of policy:

1. National independence for Britain only requires (at the moment) the repeal of the European Communities Act, 1972 by a British Parliament. On the day (Independence Day), a new Ministry, the Ministry of EU Transitional Arrangements (META), headed by a senior Cabinet Minister with a second-in-command from the Opposition, will be charged with the responsibility of managing and negotiating the transition period. All other relevant ministries will report to META on all transition matters.

2. British MEPs will resign their seats on Independence Day and thereafter take no further part in the EU parliament’s activities. If necessary, arrangements will be made to accommodate their staff in employment in the UK.

3. British representation at COREPER and in other EU institutions and agencies will be progressively reduced during the transition period

4. The UK’s monthly gross contributions to and receipts from the EU Budget will reduce by 1/24th on a straight line basis in each of the 24 months during the transition period

5. That the Ministerial veto contained in the Freedom of Information Act, 2000 be abolished

6. If, within six months, 1.5% (approximately 750,000 currently) of the national electorate sign a petition requiring a referendum on some question currently under discussion in Parliament, then the government will be obliged to hold a binding referendum on that matter within a further six months.

7. The Police Service should be excluded from the Equal Opportunities legislation.

8. Judges will retain their independence but should be aware of the views of the local communities in which they sit

9. The Home Office shall, apart from legislation passed in Parliament, be advisory and responsible for common services including the provision of training

10. Defence: UKIP will focus on effective requirements analysis and on reducing procurement bureaucracy & waste.

11. All the available evidence concerning genetically modified crops should be gathered and reviewed

12. Fishing: We will introduce a non-transferable licensing system linked with effort control (until stocks have regenerated).

13. Fishing: Technical measures will be introduced to help in selectivity and cut down on those gears which do most damage to the marine environment or those methods of fishing which are upsetting the balance of the marine ecosystem, including the unnecessary slaughter of dolphins.

14. Fishing: Overall control will lie with Westminster but we will set up regional management teams made up of administrators, enforcers, scientists and at least 50% fishermen. They will be responsible for all aspects of fishing within their region and will, therefore, have a direct interest in ensuring a sustainable future.’

15. Reduce existing traffic lights at roundabouts to flashing orange operation.

16. Replace traffic lights-controlled junctions with roundabouts.

17. Wider use of smart traffic lights and orange flashing signals.

18. Introduction of higher speed limits on motorways.

19. Prohibiting overtaking by lorries on motorways.

20. NHS healthcare will continue to be free at the point of delivery but only to those who have paid into the system.

21. Funding for the NHS, in particular through PFI, will be reviewed

22. In support of the traditional family unit UKIP will research a system of taxation that will encourage its continuance

23. UKIP will introduce legislation to safeguard the rights of individuals in ‘same-sex’ relationships.

24. We will review the shortcomings of current taxation and government spending and will invite discussion as to how they should be reformed.

25. The presentation of The Budget to the nation, in the House of Commons, will be in such a form that it is clear, concise and easily understood by all’.

26. The Postal Service in Britain will be the subject of a review

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