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Tuesday, December 21, 2004 

UKIP Challenges Howard on ID cards

The UK Independence Party at the London Assembly today challenges Michael Howard to produce the evidence from police and security chiefs whom he alleges have told him that ID cards "can and will" help their efforts to protect people against terrorist acts.

This contradicts the evidence of the Metropolitan Police submitted to the London Assembly on 8th December. When asked by UKIP London Assembly Leader Damian Hockney: "Is there any evidence that compulsory identity cards would help protect London from a terrorist attack?", the Metropolitan Police Service representative produced no such evidence.

Damian Hockney said: "Extensive research by UKIP staff has not uncovered any evidence from anywhere in the world that supports Mr Howard's contention. If Mr Howard has any evidence from police and security chiefs, now must be the time to reveal it, otherwise his assertion is worthless.

"UKIP is opposed to the introduction of compulsory ID cards as a matter of principle. If Mr Howard cannot produce his evidence he must retract and apologise for misleading the public."

posted by Martin |7:52 AM
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