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Wednesday, December 22, 2004 

UKIP Chairman admits Party Leader Knapman, Farage and she herself were part of 'Press Hoax'!

The following extraordinary admission was posted on one of several UKIP related internet debating fora earlier today.

The open admission is that the Party Chairman, Party Leader, Nigel Farage and the 'majority' of the party NEC (which we presume must include the Deputy Leader, Mike Nattrass and Party Secretary, Tony Stone - thus involving all senior party functionaries) were all involved in the attempt to mislead the press. How now can any in the top ranks of UKIP then answer this published query from the Guardian? - "Would a serious political party really offer to change its manifesto in exchange for a big donation? Surely not! Still, at least the media have been warned that not everything sent from Ukip's press office can be relied upon to be true."

Here is what the Party Chairman said today:-

'Of course it was done with the knowledge and agreement of Roger Nigel and myself . The majority of the NEC were also informed by Mark Croucher that such an email was likely to be sent for the purpose of finding a leak and they were in agreement.

It is of course regretable that this course of action had to be undertaken and considerable thought was given to whether it should be done. Perhaps if you are so outraged about this whole matter you would like to advise how you would go about investigating such matters.'

Petrina Holdsworth

A one time member of UKIP's NEC, Chris Cooke, present independent councillor and of course ex-party member who resigned in disgust over similar antics provoked by Nigel Farage in the past had this suggestion to the latter query:-

Ms Holdsworth asks how you would prefer to investigate "such matters" (leaks from the NEC).

I have a suggestion. How about Open Government in UKIP? I know it's a radical thought but why shouldn't UKIP members know exactly what's gong on?

There's far too much secrecy in every layer of Government - and UKIP leads the pack! I baulk against secrecy all the time in our Council. And when I was younger, more naive and on the UKIP NEC I still queried and objected to it.

And if there were no secrecy - then there would be nothing for Ms Holdsworth to investigate - would there?? Even supposing a little secrecy was still needed - as long as it were agreed by all - and was not an NEC standing rule - then it would be much more likely that there would be no leaks.

Too much like commonsense? Too much like public accountability? There is a type of person who hates freeflow of information - and that type thrives in UKIP.


posted by Martin |4:32 PM
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