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Monday, December 27, 2004 

UKIP again follows its EU role model

In yet one more clear sign that that the UKIP, under the leadership of Knapman and Farage, gets everyday a little more like what it exists to fight - I note that while there has been little activity today from the non-democratic and totalitarian stagnation-state of the EU, with its daily tale of ever more interference and regulation, the Midday Express failing to appear (in spite of many of the states that fund this abhorrence working normally today) - UKIP too will remain firmly closed, its Head Office remaining shut well into the early days of January.

Who would imagine a party seriously intent on fighting the EU, with a General Election widely expected to be a mere few months away, would shut its doors for business and rest its admittedly normal pathetic efforts from the struggle for our independence for a whole two weeks?!

Even the Tories managed some press coverage for their attack on Alan Milburn as published in the Daily Mail, linked here.

posted by Martin |5:21 PM
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