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Saturday, December 04, 2004 

Stick your Raffle Tickets until after the Leadership Contest

A reader who received the latest Newsletter from the Party today, (is there any mention of a possible leadership challenge I wonder or just the usual uninspiring nonsense from the deadened hand of John Harvey) informs me that it arrived with two booklets of raffle tickets.

This well-informed party supporter, recognising the terminal state that party affairs have now reached, proposes sending these raffle tickets back to Birmingham with a statement that no more funds will be forthcoming until after a leadership election - even should that be now or in another two years.

If the Newsletter has only now been mailed - why could not aleadership ballot paper have been included?

The self-styled prankster who sent me the e-mail from my own address has identified himself, but claims he merely pasted my address in the 'from box'. I doubt that is possible, we shall see what Google make of it. Meantime I will resume sending e-mails from my address as before..

posted by Martin |3:27 PM
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