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Thursday, December 02, 2004 

Should the Party's elected governing body have a say on Party Policy?

I have received this comment to my report on the party manifesto from Mr Robert
A. MacWhirter:

"Two comments are pertinent to your latest posting:

1. Under 8.2 of the constitution, it is the party leader who makes appointments on policy formation, "as he thinks fit", and approves the party's manifesto. The NEC has no right of approval.

2. Given the number of leaks posted on your blog, which can only originate from NEC members, I would be very surprised if Petrina et al DID trust the NEC!

If the NEC don't like this state of affairs, I suggest they make a submission to the constitution redrafting committee..."

Readers must of course form their own views. On the first point my feeling is that there is once again a serious flaw revealed in the party constitution. In normal times where the Party Leader had been properly elected from a field of suitable candidates the wording might appear reasonable and logical. Under Roger Knapman annointed by small hand vote at Scarborough following the unexplained withdrawal of other contenders, and with a track record of virtual non-invlovement in party affairs and almost complete non-communication with the membership, this clearly cannot work.

On the second point I feel there is some validity. The blame, however, becomes a chicken and egg issue. Had there been due process and proper consultation with the NEC would we be getting the leaks? Speaking as one intermediary in the chain, I personally doubt it!

posted by Martin |2:30 PM
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