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Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

Retort and Response from Embattled UKIP Chairman

The Chairman's reply to a member regarding 'Tory Plots':

"I read your outpourings on the above topic.

Since when has it been the business of someone employed to work for UKIP to undermine it and bring it into disrepute?

Since when has it been your business to (supposedly) listen to your Tory friends at the London Assembly, take what they allegedly say as gospel truth and then bandy it around the email circuits?

Has it crossed your mind to make inquiries of me or Roger Knapman or Nigel Farage before trumpeting your own ill -founded views before everyone. There are no deals. Please inform me if you find any that you say have been hatched by anyone in authority.

There are masses of candidates ,we hope to more than equal the number we ran at the last election. If anyone is going to have a bad effect on morale and candidate uptake it is you and your scare stories.

Our strategy remains under wraps only to preserve its integrity and save it from the possibility of finding its way into the public domain at too early a stage. Speaking as someone who is privy to it I can categorically state that it does not entail any diminution in the amount of candidates or any deals with other parties. I hope that you will now publicly withdraw your comments.
yours sincerely, Petrina Holdsworth UKIP Chairman"

A retort was apparently sent as follows:-


Thanks for your prompt reply, although I would expect the party chairman to be a bit more polite! I can assure you I haven't posted my email on any 'email circuits'. I'm not part of any 'Kilroy for leader' campaign, just an ordinary member who has serious concerns.

I understand the NEC is the party's highest management body, so I asked an NEC member before I did anything else. I was told that the NEC had been denied any information about our election strategy, and that this had been stated to be policy at the 1st November 2004 NEC meeting. I understand that four NEC members withdrew their support for the Party Leader as a result.

Can you confirm that the party leadership has a constitutional duty not to deny NEC members access to information, or point to where the Constitution allows the NEC liability without involvement in the decision making process or access to information?

posted by Martin |9:17 PM
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