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Tuesday, December 21, 2004 

Red faces at the Guardian - no action on Hockney and Moss

WE understand readers of Friday's Guardian may have seen the smug comments of UKIP Press Officer, Mark Croucher who spends his time as an employee of the European Parliament sending scam e-mails on behalf of his UKIP masters.

The Guardian reportedly (link not found) quoted him as saying that "NEC members" (sic) Damian Hockney and Daniel Moss will be disciplined. A call to UKIP today, passed to the Guardian, revealed that there are no discipline cases being taken against the pair...and of course that they have not suddenly been put on the NEC either. Will the Guardian believe the truth as it comes from the reformers in the party? Or is it more convenient for them to believe, and print verbatim, the false words of self-confessed hoaxer Mark Croucher, representing the Old Guard. It is if they want to damage the cause of Euroscepticism.

posted by Martin |8:03 AM
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