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Wednesday, December 29, 2004 

Paul Barnish Blasts UKIP Leadership.

I have received the following from the gentleman, who I understand was at one time the Chairman of UKIP's Stone Constituency Association, which is self-explanatory.


"I stand by my statment that the Mike Nattrass thing was a publicity stunt, perhaps he now would confirm it was a press and media wind-up?

The report about me joining the English Democrats is untrue.

People know I have supported Robert Kilroy-Silk for the leadership from the very beginning.

The party has to be reformed. I am a reformer and want to see big changes, which are what is required.

The leadership have done nothing since the European elections - only standing still.

Now we are told that the party secretary wont even call an EGM without a court order telling him to do so - in other words he's refusing to accept the party's own rules. So much for democracy!

The whole way in which the party is run is like something out of Walt Disney, if it wasnt so serious you would laugh and I and many more deserve better than the shambles we are getting from the leadership at the moment.

Regards Paul Barnish UKIP Stone."


Yet more evidence of the shambles to which Nigel Farage and his puppet Roger Knapman have delivered the UK Independence Party, surely this New Year must bring a New Start for Euroscepticism's leading political party?

posted by Martin |2:22 PM
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