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Friday, December 10, 2004 

Party Secretary falsely claims NEC has seen legal advice.

At the meeting of the UK Independence Party National Executive Committee held on 6th December 2004, NEC members were denied access to any legal advice about the call for an EGM by 50 branches.

But the Party Secretary then falsely claimed in his letter rejecting the call for an EGM that legal advice was "put before" members of the NEC. Seven NEC members have confirmed to those co-ordinating the EGM that no legal advice was "put before them", but that they were told advice "existed". When asked for it, they were told sheepishly that they could not see it as he did not have it with him.

Interestingly, the NEC did not take a vote upon whether to support the Party Secretary in the forthcoming legal action. We understand that the lawyers are now co-ordinating all the results of the branches' calls for and EGM and are also going to write to the Party Secretary with an ultimatum that he must not act to frustrate party democracy. "It is clear from the letter that the leadership is anxious to try and bury this, but its fiasco of a Manifesto has done further - and unexpected - damage to its claims to lead," says one of those co-ordinating the EGM. "They cannot hide forever, as this is coming whether they like it or not. Now they are trying to claim that even if every member at the EGM voted No Confidence in the leader, that he would stay in place. Like the Fat Boy in musical chairs who refuses to give up the chair when he has lost the game."

So badly has the manifesto been received that a rival manifesto is now being planned. "These people have squandered their time, efforts and resources since being elected," says one of those co-ordinating the Real UKIP Manifesto. "We will make sure this manifesto is at least written properly and contains soundly costed, realistic policies. With everything that is happening in the world, our leadership seem stuck in some sort of amateur time warp."

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