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Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

Odds and Ends

Derek Clark is reported as having been elected as Chairman of the East Midlands Regional Committee - an odd role for an MEP it seems to me. Is there any post in that region he does not seek to fill?

The item that originally appeared here begining ...."Unconfirmed reports circulating around Brussels have it that Ashley Mote MEP" has been removed, as although this blog is not within the UK we try to act in accordance with English laws and custom and we were this morning advised of the following:

From: ashley mote
Sent: Friday, December 03, 2004 5:57 PM
To: Greg Lance Watkins
Subject: for your information, gentlemen - and thank you for all your support

Here is a statement agreed with my solicitors, following the blog reference earlier in the week
This is to be used only in response to questions, although it might help to warn a few difficult people, like Andy Edwards:
Statement agreed by lawyers 3 Dec 04

"Both the Chichester Crown Court and the High Court have made orders under the Contempt of Court Act banning publication of any references to the case R v Ashley Mote until the present legal processes are complete.

"Any application to vary the ban must be made to the High Court."

Meanwhile, the lawyers have told me that I can only repeat my original
statement -
"All these charges are vigorously denied".

Edited 1030GMT 4th December 2004....... Edit ENDS

A UKIP Branch Chairman has published a damning critique of the handling of the proposed changes to the Constitution on EGM's which clearly show they were not properly put forward, and indeed casting doubt as to whether they were actually even approved. More later.

A correspondent is puzzled at my recent references to their being problems over the venue for the NEC meeting next Monday - he assumes such would naturally be held at the new centrally located Birmingham Head Office! Seems a good point. I believe one meeting was held there, any advance on that number - details welcomed!

posted by Martin |4:23 PM
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