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Thursday, December 16, 2004 

'Nigel Farage is a Malign Influence' - Godfrey Bloom

Readers of UKIP's bland house journal 'Independence News' were treated, in its October issue, to a full-page article by Godfrey Bloom.

The piece took the form of his diary of a week in Brussels. Members may have been intrigued to learn what goes on in Brussels.

On Monday, Bloom tells his readers: "Out late for dinner, led astray as always by Nigel Farage".

On Wednesday, readers are told: "Another late night under the same malign influence".

And on Thursday, readers are told: "I am still recovering from a party with our fellow group members from eight different countries".

On page 8 of the magazine, the Editor publishes a letter from Patricia Partridge of Borehamwood, a new member, in which she says: "I don't know what the other policies of the party are'. The Editor encouragingly wrote: "The Manifesto for the General Election will be available very shortly".

Given that this issue came out in mid-October and that the N.E.C. rejected the botched Draft Manifesto submitted on 6 December, one wonders what the Editor's definition of 'very shortly' is.

posted by Martin |8:59 AM
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