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Tuesday, December 14, 2004 


'UKIP Uncovered' has learned of a clear direct threat having been made by the paid Political Assistant of one of UKIP's MEPs. The MEP concerned is not on the Party's N.E.C. The Branch concerned does not wish to reveal its identity at present but the following facts have been supplied to us and will be brought up when the Party has its long-awaited Extraordinary Conference.

The Branch concerned has recently swung to a pro-Kilroy position. During the last 7 days, the Branch Committee was visited by the MEP's Political Assistant, ostensibly for another reason. The real purpose of the visit became clear during the meeting. A direct threat was made that if the Branch concerned continued to support Robert Kilroy-Silk for Leader, all regional and national support would be withdrawn for the General Election. There would be no funds from the MEP's office, no financial help of any kind, no practical help of any kind, and no support from the regional organiser. The Political Assistant's manner was describd as 'menacing'. This action has had the opposite effect of what was intended.

Having now learnt about the true character of the ruling cabal, the Branch is now determined to back Kilroy. A Branch official told 'UKIP Uncovered': "We do not take kindly to direct threats in this part of the world".

posted by Martin |9:41 AM
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