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Wednesday, December 29, 2004 

More Lies from UKIP's Press Office?

As reported in the posting below Deputy Party Leader Nattrass has widely circulated to members of UKIP's NEC and others the following statement:-

"It is up to the UKIP membership in the area to decide if I am selected or not. As yet interviews have not been held. It is NOT up to me to say I AM standing but only to say "I would like to". Why the speculation? I shall stand elsewhere if not selected there and maybe there is a local man who is well known to the voters and who can do a better job,I do not know and no one has told me the thinking in Stone. I will not use any strings to influence them.The best person to hit Cash must be selected and I hope it is me."

The following press release was one of two issued by Press Hoaxer Croucher on the 9th December as may be verified from a visit to the party website linked here and here.


For Immediate Release – 12:00hrs 9th December 2004

UKIP Deputy Leader seeks to fight Bill Cash at election The UK Independence Party (UKIP) Deputy Leader and MEP for the West Midlands, Mike Nattrass, has been short listedfor the Parliamentary constituency of Stone at the next General Election expected in May.


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